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The Campbell report describes a sinister-sounding U.S. meeting in Washington where — shudder! — CIA personnel are present and the participants — brace yourself — “identify major contracts open for bid” in Indonesia. Mr. Campbell, I suppose, imagines something like this: A crafty CIA spy steals stealthily out of a safe house, changes disguises, checks to make sure he’s not under surveillance, coordinates with a spy satellite and … buys an Indonesian newspaper. If you Europeans really think we go to such absurd lengths to obtain publicly available information, why don’t you just laugh at us instead of getting in high dudgeon?
From a March 17, 2000 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by former CIA Director James Woolsey, explaining that American routinely spies on its allies and that there’s nothing really wrong with that.
It seems unlikely that Klein’s new site will be running stories about aging porn stars singing Miley Cyrus songs.
The New Yorker.



This made my morning.

Hillary Clinton on Being Asked about Her Clothes


Sec. Clinton

Interviewer: Okay. Which designers do you prefer? 

Hillary Clinton: What designers of clothes? 

Interviewer: Yes. 

Hillary Clinton: Would you ever ask a man that question? 

Interviewer: Probably not. Probably not.



Other than publishing a book of my own poetry, raising and training my own horses is perhaps the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.
In which I learn that the Olympics have a “sport" that’s basically a really expensive dog show only without the joys of Christopher Guest.

As someone who often gets yelled at for criticizing really shoddy work (that happens to also kill thousands of people when acted upon), I hold Gore Vidal in tremendous regard. If I ever have a tenth of his success, I’ll be a happy man.

I also hope to avoid his flaws. He called his opponents Nazis for simply having other politics, he got needlessly personal with novelists like Norman Mailer, and while he was engaged politically I think he was wrong about too many things to say I share his views. 

That being said, Vidal’s eloquence, his pride for who he was as a gay man before that was considered cool, and his dogged determinism to honestly describe and criticize that which he saw as flawed and undeserving of praise is, to me, praiseworthy. RIP.

This is the first image that comes up in a Google Images search for &#8220;Ina Garten evil.&#8221;

This is the first image that comes up in a Google Images search for “Ina Garten evil.”

What do you do if your crappy scholarship changed how the U.S. conceived of warfare and you led the charge to bulldoze and subdivide Baghdad in 2007 so the ethnic cleansing would be easier for the Shiite militias (but claimed it was all COINy goodness spearheaded by Gen. Petraeus)?

It’s simple: you reinvent yourself as a for-profit USAID-funded philanthropist and talk about how exciting technology is while also complaining that “Beltway bandits” and “consulting” will “ruin your soul.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the newly rehabilitated David Kilcullen.